The Best Book I Read In 2017



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I had a goal in 2017; read more. I had found an article that stated that some of the best minds in the world (Zuckerburg, Buffett, Musk, etc.) spend time reading books/articles every day. They did not have to be related to their field but reading allowed them to expand their knowledge bases and interests.

I set a pretty basic goal: 12 books in a year. I completed my goal and ended 2017 with 14 books read. Some were for fun, some were for work and the rest were for my doctorate at Brite Divinity School.

Out of the 14, one book stood out. Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond was the best book I read in 2017. Desmond, a sociologist from Harvard, follows the lives of families and landlords in Milwaukee. He shows the struggles to find affordable, decent housing and the landlord’s tensions between running a business and showing compassion for tenets trying to make ends meet. It was the most gut-wrenching book I have ever read. The pain, the struggle, the heartache that Desmond is able to capture shines a new and needed light on the issue of homelessness and housing.

Desmond won the Pulitzer for this text and I highly recommend it.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


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