Sermon: Separtion and Isolation

Today I preached a sermon, “Separation and Isolation” based on Luke 18:9-14 at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Longview, TX.

On top of recording the audio, I live-streamed the sermon during our contemporary service. The audio link and video are both below.

Destined Youth Conference 2016

Today I spoke at the Destined Youth Conference in Longview, Texas about self-esteem body image and God. I streamed one of my sessions on Facebook Live; you can watch it below.

Thanks to First Lutheran for the invitation.

Sermon: In Desperate Times

I preached a sermon at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Longview, TX based on Psalm 79:1-9.



Sermon: Terms and Conditions May Apply

This is a sermon I preached at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Longview, Texas based on Luke 14:25-33.


Prayer For The First Day Of School



Across the nation students have returned to the classroom.  Here in Texas a lot of state schools start this week.  Below is a prayer for going back to school.   Feel free to share it.  (If you have any questions regarding sharing, click here).

You O God are the author of life and the giver of all knowledge.  You have gifted education to us not to be squandered rather to help us grow into the people you have crafted us to be so that we can be agents of change in our communities and world.
As the new school year begins students and teachers face uncertainty, excitement, changes and challenges in learning.  Grant them your peace so that they may feel empowered to face the new year head on.
May your spirit guide learning and instruction.
May your love be felt in every encouraging note, hug and high five.
May your grace be found in the laughter of children.
May minds be open to new thoughts, ideas, cultures, understandings and ways to see the world.
Help students who struggle in the classroom and at home to find teachers who care, resources that support and courage within themselves to take on challenges before them.
Help students who suffer from hunger and food insecurity to be fed in both mind and body.
O God, grant us your presence this year; surround the students, teachers, aides, administration, support staff, parents and guardians with your all encompassing love, grace, mercy and peace.
Give success to the work of our hands.
In the name of Jesus the Christ, the Holy One of God,

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Helping Parents Reclaim Beauty (YouthWorker Journal)

I was honored to be published both online and in print by the YouthWorker Journal.  This is my first piece to ever be picked up by a national magazine in print.  Below is a link to the online version.

Enjoy and God Bless,

Rev. Evan


Sermon: Do What You Know

On July 10, I preached a sermon based on Luke 10:25-37.  It seemed appropriate given the events of our nation and world that the Church need to answer the question “Who is my neighbor?”

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


A Prayer for Peace and Hope

The events of the last few days have been weighing on my heart.  I wrote a prayer for peace and hope as a way to name the feelings I was having as well as a reminder of the hope and peace found in God.

I have also provided Word and PDF links; please feel free to use this in your personal life and faith community (please use proper attribution; see Disclaimer tab for more info).

May justice and peace reign now and forever.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan

O God, source of all light, love and peace, our hearts are heavy with the weight of grief and sadness.  Too often we are confronted by the worst that humanity has to offer– lives are senselessly taken, families are torn apart, sadness and mourning sweeps over the land. We have witnessed too much, felt too much, and grieved too much; we are lost and turn to you to be our guide through this difficult and troubling time.  In your mercy Lord, hear our prayer.

O God of Mercy, send your Spirit; send your Spirit of comfort and peace. Hold close those who lost loved ones and who mourn this day. Remind us that violence has no place in your Kingdom and you call us to a higher standard. In your mercy Lord, hear our prayer.

Comforting God, restore within us your spirit that beckons us to strive for the greater good, seek out the lost, feed the hungry, bring hope to the hopeless and break the bonds of poverty and greed. Show us the areas where we are to go, show us the truth that we have ignored, awaken in us the dormant fire that once burned brightly and passionately for your glory’s sake: a fire that burned because of your grace and mercy, a fire that was evident to those around us.  In your mercy Lord, hear our prayer.

O God of peace and hope, may we embody the words of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, “blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”  Help us to seek paths of peace and justice in our own communities and the world around us.  May your hope and grace shine forth so that your children may live in peace and harmony. In your mercy Lord, hear our prayer.

May love reign in our hearts.

May mercy be extended.

May hope guide us into a new tomorrow.

May our faith be strengthen for the tasks that are ahead.

Lead us O Lord, now and forever.

In the name of Jesus the Christ, the Holy One of God.  Amen.

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Prayers for Dallas 

In the wake of what took place in Dallas, I was reminded of this quote from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

May love and light shine this day and forevermore. 

In Christ, 

Rev. Evan 

Happy 4th of July!

4th of july.png

I hope you have a safe and fun Independence Day!

If it raining where you are or you can’t make a fireworks show watch the video below.