New Job, New Opportunity

Yesterday was my last Sunday as Associate Minister at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Longview, Texas. I have served there for 6 years. Recently, I accepted the Executive Director position at Greater Longview United Way. I am not leaving ministry per se I am just not doing so within the four walls of a stained glass building. I look forward to the opportunity to serve the people of the Longview area. I also want to thank FCC Longview for their support these past six years. I pray that you continue to listen for God’s call to serve, love, and grow.

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Evan


2 thoughts on “New Job, New Opportunity

  1. As I have watched you grow over these Many years and watch you fall in love, marry and now have 4 children, I am proud of the choices you have made Grow in Peace Carlene Sent from my iPhone



  2. You will be missed! I hope you enjoy your new position with United Way. I’m glad Miranda will be staying in her position as Music Minister.

    Sent from my iPhone



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