City of Longview, Texas Council Meeting Prayer

On February 23, I gave the prayer at the City Council Meeting in Longview, Texas. If you would like to watch it click here.

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We are thankful Longview is a diverse and vibrant city that brings together the blending of different cultures, races, religious expressions, belief systems and languages. All of these parts coalesce into a beautiful picture or reflection of you O God, our maker.

We remeber that there are those in our community who struggle and who are comfortable, we pray for the those who are working and those without work, we remember the homeless and the well housed, we pray for those are frustrated with their current situation and for those are fulfilled and content with their situation. We pray for those mourn and those who celebrate.

Guide those in all branches of government to place the welfare of the citizens above political action groups, reelection campaigns and partisan politics. We rid our minds of artificial labels that divide us; may we tear down walls that needlessly separate us and build bridges of unity, trust, mercy, grace and understanding. O God the challenges that lie before us are not Republican or Democratic issues rather they are moral issue that speak to the way that your followers understand you, teachings, commands and call upon their lives. May we not lose sight of who we are created to be, may we not lose sight of the fact that all person, documented or undocumented citizen or refugee are all created in your divine and holy image.

May we find courage, hope, strengthen and guidance to complete the tasks that lay ahead. Grant this for the sake of your righteous name. Give success to the work of our hands; through Jesus the Christ, the holy one of God we pray. Amen.

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