My Thoughts of the 2016 Election

Dear American populace,

As we stand on the precipice of election night, I have some thoughts. The candidates for the two major parties announced there candidacy in early 2015. This means that for almost two solid years Wie have heard name calling, mud-slinging, empty promises, watched debates, shared and shared our thoughts and so much more. Friendships have been strained, relationships have been lost all in a effort to be right.

I have never seen more fake news stories shared on social media as well as one-sided conversations presented as truth. I read some of the most vile and disrespectful things over the past 2 years and it’s not just been from candidates but faithful, God loving Christians. As a minister this hurt my heart. My religion, my faith, my God and Savior have been drug through the mud all in the name of politics.

To be honest, I’m done. I’m done with politics. I’m done with rhetoric. I’m done with this election.
I know that we as Americans are better than the last two years. I know That we all want the same thing: a vibrant country where all people are respected and can find work to make a living, where kids can dream big and where tolerance and inclusion are the norm not the exception.

Why can’t this be a reality? Will 2020 be the same? Will be ever find a way to come together as a city, state and nation?

So as the results roll in tonight there will be a victor and then everyone else. If you candidate wins then make them keep and follow through with the promises they made. If your candidate doesn’t win, find ways to strengthen your community and nation. Don’t say “well we’ll win at the mid terms or in 2020.”

People are hurting now, people need help now. They can’t wait. We can’t wait. I can’t wait. The country can’t wait.

Christ commands his followers to love God and to love your neighborhood as much as you love yourself. We must reclaim this lesson in this country. This lesson we have sadly forgotten.

Won’t you join me?

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


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