Prayer for the 2020 School Year

As the school year begins this week for many students, I wrote a prayer for the beginning of the school year.

Please share this so we can all be in prayer for our teachers, students, support staff, and administration during this unique time.Prayer for the 2020 School Year

You O God are the author of life and the giver of all knowledge. You have gifted education to us not to be squandered rather to help us grow into the people you have crafted us to be so that we can be agents of change in our communities and world.

As the new school year begins students and teachers face uncertainty, excitement, changes, and challenges in learning. Grant them your peace so that they may feel empowered to face the new year head-on.

We pray for the administrators who oversee schools and districts—grant them energy to preserve and guide their decision making, may they continue to put students, teachers, and staff safety first.

We pray for teachers who now must navigate teaching during a pandemic—give them the patience to learn new skills and technologies.

We pray for first-year teachers– may they have the knowledge, resources, and confidence to preserve this school year.

We pray for student teachers— may they learn to remain flexible while learning how best to educate the next generations. We pray for parents who are teaching their children at home—give them the wisdom and endurance.

We pray for parents who want to keep their children home but cannot due to family situations and work priorities. Comfort them O God with your Holy Spirit.

We pray for students who come to school hungry, afraid, and alone—may they find teachers who care, resources that support and courage within themselves to take on challenges before them.

May they be filled in mind and body.May your spirit guide learning and instruction.

May your love be felt in every classroom—in person or virtually.

May your grace be found in the laughter of children.

May minds be open to new thoughts, ideas, cultures, understandings and ways to see the world.

O God grant us your presence this year; surround the students, teachers, aides, administration, support staff, directors, parents, and guardians with your all-encompassing love, grace, mercy, and peace.

Give success to the work of our hands.

In the name of Jesus the Christ, the Holy One of God,



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