How Can Someone Be So Cold Hearted?

In the sea of social media, you are bound to find people who disagree and think differently than you. It is one of the things that people laud as the best things about the internet and social media, the sharing of ideas in a community space.

The other day I was scrolling through Twitter and I saw a story about a two-year-old child who had died in California days after his mother had arrived to see him. She had been barred from entering the country due to the travel restrictions put in place by the Government since she was from Yemen. As tragic as that is, I saw someone commenting about a tweet sent by Kurt Schlichter, a columnist at

The tweet is below but I’ll save you a scroll; his response… “I don’t care.”

A child died from a rare condition, his mother was kept from him for over a year and the only sympathy you can muster Kurt is “I don’t care”?

What a cold-hearted, mean-spirited, hateful response. I have never met this person, I have never read anything else by him but I find his response absolutely appalling. I don’t care what you think about people from Yemen, I don’t care what you think about politics, I don’t care what car you drive or what you got for Christmas, the fact remains that a HUMAN BEING died, not only a human but a CHILD.

If it was a joke, it was in deeply poor taste; if he meant it then I have no words.

He has since removed the tweet but has offered no apology that I am aware of.

Kurt, if you are reading this, America should be a place where children are loved and cared for, not discarded because you deem them unworthy. I urge you to meet with the family and hear how a government travel ban hurt them, listen to their stories about having a sick child halfway across the world.

Do the right thing.

Let’s a resolve in 2019 to do the right thing.

I do care that a child died and you should too.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


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