Prayer For The First Day Of School



Across the nation students have returned to the classroom.  Here in Texas a lot of state schools start this week.  Below is a prayer for going back to school.   Feel free to share it.  (If you have any questions regarding sharing, click here).

You O God are the author of life and the giver of all knowledge.  You have gifted education to us not to be squandered rather to help us grow into the people you have crafted us to be so that we can be agents of change in our communities and world.
As the new school year begins students and teachers face uncertainty, excitement, changes and challenges in learning.  Grant them your peace so that they may feel empowered to face the new year head on.
May your spirit guide learning and instruction.
May your love be felt in every encouraging note, hug and high five.
May your grace be found in the laughter of children.
May minds be open to new thoughts, ideas, cultures, understandings and ways to see the world.
Help students who struggle in the classroom and at home to find teachers who care, resources that support and courage within themselves to take on challenges before them.
Help students who suffer from hunger and food insecurity to be fed in both mind and body.
O God, grant us your presence this year; surround the students, teachers, aides, administration, support staff, parents and guardians with your all encompassing love, grace, mercy and peace.
Give success to the work of our hands.
In the name of Jesus the Christ, the Holy One of God,

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