Do This In Remembrance of Me: Maundy Thursday 2016


Today is an act of remembrance. Just as one era is ending, a new one is beginning. The Disciples have been on a journey with Christ for a while now, during this time of following they have witnessed the many miracles of Jesus Christ, heard the teachings of Christ, and have seen, felt and been witness to the torment, the questioning, the funny looks, the rejection. But through it all, even their own failures, their own questions and their own funny looks, the twelve disciples found themselves sitting with Christ at the table celebrating the Passover meal.

This day for them would be one that they would not forget. Many of them will teach others about this day and spread the good news of the gospel which was made evident through the coming of the Messiah, Jesus the Christ. The symbolism, the sheer importance, the monumental theological, Messianic statement they would enact on that very night was probably not even on their mind, but through this day, this service, this institution, the Church finds itself centered on the humble, selfless act of Jesus the Christ. This one act with simple elements of bread and wine unites all of Christianity with the notion that Christ will come again.

Even with his betrayal by one of his followers staring him in his face Christ took time to share a meal and give a final teaching.

Today is a day that we are called to eat, drink and remember the life, ministry, death and glorious resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


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