When All Seems Lost, There Is Still Hope (Dmergent)

Below is a piece of the first article I posted on the Disciples of Christ website/blog Dmgerent.  I hope you enjoy it!

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


I am constantly amazed by what my daughter (age 5) picks up.  Her brain absorbs everything that is thrown at it.  She has a knack of hearing a song once and can sing back with clarity hours, if not days, later.  She wants to know more how the world works and she tries with all of her might to read everything that is put in front of her.  The world is her playground and she is trying to figure out where she fits in it.

We were riding together going to a doctor’s appointment when she proudly declared she knew what holiday was coming up next.  I inquired and she stated with confidence that “King Arthur Day” was the reason she would not be attending school on Monday.  Looking for clarification, she tried to articulate the long string of names, “Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.”

I asked her what she knew about Martin Luther King, Jr. and she said that he was a man who helped people who had different colors of skin.  But that is not the part of the story that impacted her the most.  She began to tell of King’s childhood and how there were places, even bathrooms, where he could not go because of the color of his skin.  She then told the story of when King was playing with some Caucasian children; the parents of the Caucasian children came out and sent King home and instructed him to never come back; she exclaimed, “just because he had black skin!”.  I could tell this struck a nerve with her and asked: “I wonder what it felt like to be sent home because of the color of your skin?”  She answered, “I would not like it one bit; I hope no ever does that to anyone.”  I agreed and thought to myself, “there is still hope for the world yet.”

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