That First Sunday

I cannot imagine what that first Sunday was like.

What I do know is that my heart aches for the Emanuel community.  The way they have responded to this grave injustice serves as a model for all of Christianity.  Through their grief and pain, they offer forgiveness and love.

“Love is and ever will be the greatest tool against the wrongs and ills of the world. Love for all was able to end slavery, to give women the right to vote, to end segregation (at least formally we have a lot of work to do) and we aren’t done yet.”

“Where there is grief…love will be there
“Where there is pain… love will be there
Where there is heartache… love will be there
Where there is joy… love will be there
Where there is a body worshiping God to the fullest existent stirring them to be more like God/Christ… love will be there
Love will prevail, love is the answer, love is God!”

taken from Rev. Evan’s sermon, June 21, 2015.

Emanuel AME Church, June 21, 2015


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