69, 004 Words and 1 Click

With a click of the mouse, the 69,004 words of my manuscript was sent out from email into the inbox of the publisher. These past few months have been busy and yet rewarding all at the same time.

It’s an odd feeling knowing that someone else will read, edit, judge, critique and print your words.

I have so many people to thank for their support in this endeavor. First my beautiful wife for putting up with the late nights,the long conversations while I expounded my ideas and the constant note taking thanks to Evernote.

Next to Rev. Sarah Renfro, Megan Grassell of Yellowberry Bras and Kaylin A. for their willingness to share their stories.

Thanks are in order for Ray Miller, IV for his help in editing as well as composing the forward.

Finally thanks to you for your support and stay tuned!

I look forward to the next steps in the process.

In Christ,


Rev. Evan


One thought on “69, 004 Words and 1 Click

  1. wish you you had been here for papa waynes shindig….it will go in the Dolive history books as one of the most enjoyal get together in a long long time…..(we are talking eons here) have a good week tell mir and the kidoes hello love boss hog


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