Today We Go Live… Activation Day 2014

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After battles with insurance, jumping through the state’s hoops, a small procedure and recovery time, today is the day I received my Bone Anchored Hearing Aid.  It was a odd experience when the audiologist turn the device on.  Everything was quite loud.  If you can imagine I haven’t had hearing in both ears for a long time.  The best I have been able to hear is about the equivalent of having a finger in a one ear.  For the next few days I will be adjusting the levels and trying to get used to hearing things differently.

The device is quite small and if you are looking head on you might not even see it.

The clip I am wearing in the second photo is a remote that I can wear or put in my pocket to help mute or turn down the device.  Also if I wear it I can sync my iPhone to my device via Bluetooth and listen to music or have a phone conversation.

With all of this technology you would think they are going to put a man on the moon one day.  🙂

It has been a long road and I can not wait to see what happens next.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


4 thoughts on “Today We Go Live… Activation Day 2014

  1. Rev. Ev, congratulations on taking the next step to better hearing through technology! Blessings upon you as you adjust to the new device and your thrilling new ability! BMH


  2. We are so excited for you! I won’t sing anymore when I’m standing next to you at the communion table! You’ll be able to hear me now. I belong to the Society for the Singing Impaired!


  3. Great news! We’ll continue to keep you in our thoughts & prayers as you adjust to your miraculous new device. We also send our love to you & yours!


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