Number 12

For most of my life I have lived with the use of only one ear.  When I was around 10 or 11 or so, I developed a condition that over time my hearing gradually began to decrease in my right ear.  I didn’t have great hearing in that ear to begin with but it was getting worse.  It got to the point to where I could only hear about 10% on my right side.  I have been in and out of doctor’s offices more times than I can count.   The doctors know that my audio nerve is good but the bones that transmit the sound to the that nerve are not working. I have undergone 11 surgeries to try to repair or re-establish some hearing in my right side.

On March 27, I will have surgery number 12– step one of a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid.  (Pictured above and below)

The process is a simple one; a metal pin will be placed in the bone behind the ear.  Once it is set (about 6-12 weeks after placement) a processor will be attached to it.  The processor will pick up the sound and using the pin and the bone through bone conduction will send the sound to the audio nerve thus allowing me to hear on my right side.  I was able to have a simulated BAHA and it worked well; the world was so much louder 🙂

I am looking forward to the prospect of having hearing in both ears again.  I will post pictures and updates from time to time so be sure to stay tuned!


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