New Adventure: Rev Ev and Ray Show

For a while now, my friend Ray and I have been wanting to do something different with respects to Christianity. We have had several conversations about the future of the Church and how the Church can sometimes miss the mark or the perception of Christianity is not what we believe it should be.

We would have long lunch conversations airing our thoughts and concerns, but we realized that more people probably had the same ideas as we did. We’ve wanted to do some type of vidcast or podcast for a while now but our lives were busy with jobs and families (they still are). But we took some time and thanks to Google Hangouts On Air we are able to record and converse about Christianity, theology and the like.

Who knows where this will take us but we have had fun so far.

We would love to hear from you!

Enjoy the video below.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan

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One thought on “New Adventure: Rev Ev and Ray Show

  1. Great premise fellas. Two good guys having a thoughtful conversation about things that will help people navigate the (sometimes) treacherous waters of following Jesus. Blessings to you on the new adventure!


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