What Mark Driscoll and I Have In Common

Mark Driscoll, pastor of mega church Mars Hill in Seattle, Washington, is never far from controversy. Whether it is his stance on women in the ministry or the husband/wife relationship, if there is an open mic, Mark Driscoll will say something in it. Through his sermons, blog articles, books, tweets and Facebook posts Mark Driscoll shares his view of Christianity to the masses.

To be honest I have never met the guy and I have only read/heard a few things by him. What I have read/heard I have not agreed with. He and I do not see eye to eye on many things in the realm of Christianity. But, even though we have our differences, this is not what I want to focus on.

I was wasting time one day on Facebook when I saw a friend of mine had “liked” something that Driscoll had posted on Facebook (which if you haven’t ever checked his Facebook page he posts several things a day… its a lot folks). Out of curiosity I clicked on the status and began to read. I had prepared myself for an onslaught of literalism and verses out of context but rather it was a paragraph quoting one of my favorite comedians, Brian Regan. (See below)

What I find interesting about this post is that many times Driscoll has come out against yoga claiming it to have “demonic roots.” This was emphasized in the comment sections of his post. I wasn’t sure how to take it. Why would someone who dislikes the concept of yoga on religious basis promote a comedian that uses it to make money? Isn’t that like a vegetarian supporting a barbecue festival?

Then I found that he quoted Regan again…

I was amazed… Mark Driscoll and I have something in common… besides being Christians, pastors, husbands, dads and male.

Can the ground of commonality be forged on the field of comedy?

Maybe in the realm of theology and Christian practice Driscoll and I are different, but when we need to unwind and have a good laugh, Brian Regan brings us together. Maybe I have forgotten that Mark Driscoll is just like me, a fallible human being. I took away his humanity and made him into this robot of a branch of Christianity that I did not agree with. Knowing that he laughs at the same jokes I do is humbling and thought provoking all at the same time. Sometimes its hard for me fully grasp the tenet of the Disciples of Christ “freedom of belief” especially when I think someone else’s theology is harmful and misrepresents God and even the intent of the scriptures.

Sure I would love to tell him about my understanding of God, the Bible, Christ, women in ministry and the like but I doubt that will ever happen. I will continue to pursue a God who loves me despite the way I act and even think about others. Hopefully more common ground will be found but until then, enjoy the video below and laugh with Mark and I.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


2 thoughts on “What Mark Driscoll and I Have In Common

  1. Great post! As a new Christian I also struggle with people who take the Bible out of context. I wonder if it is even worth it to explain to them that God is Love. I suppose it is always worth showing Love. Sometimes the best thing I can do is say nothing to them, but maybe it’s time I took a stand. Either way, as the Human One said, take the log out of my own eye.
    In Christ;


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