Milestone: 3.9 Million

Sometime yesterday I passed a blogging milestone; this site ( broke the 3.9 million hits mark.

I again want to thank you, the readers, for continuing to support this site.  Because of the impending 4 million milestone. I have created a new page with a 4 Million hit thermometer.

As of 12:36pm (CST), the count was at 3,904,341 (95,659 hits to go).  When I will hit the 4 million mark? I really dont know, but if you think you know be sure to leave a common on the Operation: 4 Million Page.

Thanks again and happy reading!

In Christ,

Rev. Evan

EDIT: Spelling and formatting (thanks for the heads up James)
EDIT 2: As of 2:45pm (CST), hit grand total is 3,904,575 (95425 to go)