New Series and I Need Your Help!

As a minister, a question I am often asked is “Why isn’t the Bible easier to read?”  It would be nice if the canon of Scripture were in a way that was a easier to digest or even understand.  The Bible contains the faith stories of a time gone by.  The Church uses these texts as guides as how to live a faithful life.  Through the stories of the prophets, the ministry of Jesus and even the letters of the early church we can learn how God moved and impacted the lives of the faithful.

However the Bible is not just filled with slogans and saying applicable for T-shirts, church mottoes and bumper stickers; some of the messages or even commands make us scratch our heads and ask “how in the world did that make it in to a book of holy scripture?”; “Did God really intend for that to be the standard of holiness?”

Today I am announcing my intention to start a new series.

Over the course of the next few weeks (maybe longer), I will explore some of the harsh messages found in the Bible.  I am not saying that I will figure them all out but I will try to engage in a dialogue with the text.

Here is where you come in.  What are some of the messages or stories in the Bible that you find harsh?

Fill out the form below and submit them to me.  You never know yours might be chosen!

In Christ,

Rev. Evan