2013 Has Begun…. And It Feels Like 2012 Still…

As we have begun 2013, we have more than likely not stopped. Our schedules are just a full as they were during the Christmas holidays. While we are going from place to place-questions resound in our minds. Will 2013 be the same as 2012? Will we have the same thoughts and feelings and connections that we did 365 days ago?

Isaiah 43:19a states “Look! I’m doing a new thing…” This is the hope that we hold on to as we enter this New Year. We are looking for ways that God will show up in a new and unexpected way; we are looking for a connection with God that is different than what we have had before. God’s movement in the world is one that is characterized by change. Jesus reframed old stories, God called people to become something they believe that could not be, and we are called to that same challenge of faith.

This is the challenge of a new year. We are called to examine the last year and make choices that will ensure that the changes we would like to make come to fruition. In any event, the fact still remains that has followers of Christ we are seeking a newness when it comes our relationship with God and Christ. Yes, we might have the same routines and habits, but we return a Bible time and time again looking for a different way for a text to inform us of whom God is, how we are live and what being a Christ follower looks like. If the New Year teaches us anything it is that our faith can not be static. Our faith is one that is energetic and growing, rising and falling, stretching and shrinking.

Through this time of 2013, we will be engaging in a process of reimaging. We will be free to open ourselves up to the possibilities that lie ahead and to the notions of what God is able to do through us.

What would Bethany Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) look like if we re-imagined church and ministry to our neighbors looked like?

We have already begun this process: Advent Conspiracy reimagined what Christmas could be; the Texas Christian Film Festival reimages where God can show up.

Reimaging things here at Bethany Christian Church will take time, energy and most importantly faith. We are blessed with this place; let’s make it stand out for all of Houston to see. Let’s make Bethany not just another church, but a place where we reimagine our faith and encourage others to do the same.

Let’s reimagine together. Here’s to 2013 and to what God is able to do!

“Glory to God, who is able to do far beyond all that we could ask or imagine by his power at work within us.” – Ephesians 3:20 (Common English Bible, 2011).

In Christ,

Rev. Evan M. Dolive


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