2013 Texas Christian Film Festival

The church I currently serve in February will do something that I have never heard of a church doing before.  I started here in September 2012 and one of the first times that I was told that was in the works was a Christian Film Festival… that’s right a film festival.

Bethany Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Houston, Texas will host the 2013 Texas Christian Film Festival. Over the span of three nights, nine films will be shown– films ranging from major motion pictures to inspiring shorts and everything in between.

For centuries the church has tried to make the world in the Church and the world outside of the church two separate entities– the sacred and the secular.  However, when we journey from a church building after worship we are bombarded by the notion that things are not so clear cut as we think.  Our faith follow us out and stays with us, guiding us, directing us, causing us to act.  Our world is one that is a culture immersed with opportunities to see God moving in the world; places where the holy and temporal meet, a special unique moment.

We are able to find God in almost every facet of life if we just look.

Below is a promotional video for the Festival; it contains the trailers of some of the films that we will be showing.  Also, you can learn more by going to www.txcff.com.


In Christ,

Rev. Evan


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