Thanksgiving Prayer

As you pause to give thanks for all that you have, for friends and family, may this be your prayer.

In Christ and Happy Thanksgiving.

Rev. Evan

O God we give you thanks for all that you have done for us;
that you have created us, and have given us the gift of life
and set us to live in this fair earth;
that you have given us work to do and the strength to do it;
that you have kept us all our days,
and have brought us in safety to this present hour.

We give you thanks for all that others have done for us;
for those who taught us when we were children;
for those who in the days of youth gave us the guidance which kept us from going astray;
for those who to this day love us and surround us with their care;
for those who pray for us, and who bear us to the throne of grace.

We give thanks for the gift of your Holy Spirit:
for your Spirit reminds us of the words of Jesus, when we are in danger of forgetting them;
for your Spirit to lead us into new knowledge and new truth;
for your Spirit to tell us what we must do and what we must say;
for your Spirit to inspire us wit strength and courage for life and for living.

We give you thanks for all that your church has done for us:
for all the teaching we have received with in the church;
for strength and guidance each week for life’s way;
for the friendship and the fellowship which we here enjoy;
for the sacraments of your grace and the prayers of your people.

We give you thanks for all that you have done for us in Jesus Christ.
that in him you have shown us the length and breadth and depth and height of your great love for us;
that in him you have opened to us a new and living way into your presence;
that in him you have given forgiveness of sins and peace with you.

We give you thanks for everything which has given us strength for earth and hope for Heaven.

Accept this our sacrifice of praise for your love’s sake.


(adapted from Chalice Worship— Colbert S. Cartwright and O. I. Cricket Harrison, eds., Chalice Worship (St. Louis, MO: Chalice Press, 1999), 184-85.)

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