If You Are Undecided: 1.6 Million Pledge to Write In Jesus Christ for President

No I am not kidding…

According to votingforJesus.com 1.6 Million people have pledged to write in “Jesus Christ” as their vote for President of the United States of America tomorrow.  The website goes into great detail about the ills and sins of both President Obama and Governor Romney. They claim that Mormonism is a cult and that the President is a Socialist who has “has proven to be an enemy of God and a true tool of [S]atan!”

Here is a spinet of their stance:

It is time for Christians, true followers of Jesus Christ, to rise up and say NO to [S]atan this November! As I prophetically shared last November, if God allowed the upcoming election for President to be between President Obama and Mitt Romney, it would truly be Satan flipping a two-headed coin with his head on both sides!

Of course the good people at votingforJesus.com have forgotten that Jesus is not or will he ever be a naturally born citizen of the United States, a requirement of the Constitution. Also, why is their understanding of Christ the one we all should model? Jesus is portrayed in four different gospels in a myriad of ways: there is the vengeful Jesus, the grace-filled Jesus, the exclusive theology Jesus, the missional Jesus, the contemplative Jesus and on and on and on… so which one? All? None? Some?

Pinning down Jesus is like nailing Jell-O to the wall, its tough stuff. That is why we are all called to seek out the Jesus of the bible understanding that we might all come away a bit differently.  I understand people’s frustration about the election process.  And I believe that people’s faith should inform their decision making, but not in broad brush strokes.

So tomorrow, you can with the other 1.6 Million, write in Jesus Christ or someone else… its up to you and you alone.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


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