Just… Stop… Talking…

A friend of mine in ministry posted on her blog a wonderful post regarding the crazy political process we are in and the role of women in that process.  Below is a portion from a post as well at the link.

As we draw nearer to November 6, maybe we can take a page out of this post and stop talking and start listening.

I understand that many different professionals have to come together in order to make policy surrounding issues such as abortion, rape, birth control, medical care for my uterus, etc. but you can also make sure you understand this clearly, and focus on YOUR profession, leaving those other professionals to do their jobs. I have never been pregnant, I have never been in the situation of needing to make a decision about an abortion, nor have I ever been raped. But I am a woman, I am a theologian, and I am a minister. Those three things alone make me qualified to tell you to STOP TALKING AND LISTEN.

I am not advocating that you have agree with my personal decisions, nor compromise your own personal beliefs. However, leave the job of professionals up to those professionals. Use them as guides and help along the way but actually LISTEN to them as you work together, doing YOUR job, not the job of others. — Peace Babe

Full post here.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


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