June 2012 Top Post

Thank to you guys, my faithful readers, June was a busy month here at evandolive.com.  In June alone, the site racked up 999 hits! (Sooooo close to 1000)

Once again I am overwhelmed by the number of people visiting.  Thank you for sharing, commenting and reading!

Below are the TOP FIVE posts from June 2012

  1. When Faith is Not Enough
    • This article speaks to the nature of faith in regard to a recent death of a snake handling minister.
  2. Robots, Arrogance and the Gospel
    • My thoughts on recent “robo-calls” from a national televangelist
  3. The Gospel According to Family Feud
    • How theology is being taught in the world, even on game shows
  4. Misconceptions about Christians: The Conclusion
    • My conclusion to my four-part series about common misconceptions about Christians (and its not what you think)
  5. Misconceptions about Christians: Part I
    • The one that started it all

In the month of June there were 15 different countries that visited the site.

Thank you again for supporting me!  Please continue to share, comment and read!

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


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