May 2012 Top Posts

I have been completely overwhelmed by the out pouring of support and readership this past month.  Thank you so much!

Here are the TOP FIVE most viewed posts in the Month of May.

  1. Misconceptions About Christians: The Conclusion
    • The final installment of my series
  2. Misconceptions About Christians: Part I
    • The one that started it all…
  3. And You Wonder Why People Aren’t Christians: Part II
    • My reaction to Pastor Sean Harris’s comments regarding homosexuality and children
  4. Misconceptions About Christians: Part IV
    • Dispelling the myth that Christian = Republican
  5. If You Want To See The Gospel, Put Your House On The Market
    • The greatest faith booster I have had in a long time.
Also, people are reading this from around the world here is a snap shot of the number of countries that visited in the month of May.

Thank you again for supporting me!  Please continue to share, comment and read!

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


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