Just To Be Clear… It’s All Your Fault

The wonderful world of Facebook is at it again providing me with the resources I need to continue my writing to which you will read. ūüėÄ

This picture above was re-posted by a friend who said he got it from a friend who said he saw it on a Facebook group “Religion Poisons Everything.” Can’t say that I am fan of this group, but I thank them for this gem. It has to be one of the most awkward pictures regarding Jesus that I have ever seen. Time and time again people continue to surprise me with their rationalizations of one of the most basic human questions, “Why do bad things happen?”

Whomever created this picture believed that the bad things in our lives are the result of God removing God’s care and protection from us. This totally erases the notion of grace, forgiveness and love. God and/or Christ does not sit around waiting for someone to stumble so they can swoop down and inflict you with an illness.

One puzzling aspect of this pictures is Jesus punishing the child picture by spanking. I have trouble articulating in words why I this is so terrible.

Christians should be out raged that the Savior of the world how came to restore people has been reduced to someone who seeks out those who are subverting his will and authority and offering illness and spankings in the meantime.

(insert sarcasm) Yeah, that’s in the Bible alright… yep that’s the Christ I know….

So just to be clear that child that has terminal cancer and won’t make it to his 10th birthday, yeah totally his fault, God took away God’s protection because he told a lie or something. When someone has a recurrence of cancer or some other horrific disease, again, it is their fault for speeding or questioning authority. Every time you catch a cold you brought it on yourself, right?.

The pharmaceutical companies must love it when you sin…

In Christ,

Rev. Evan

Thus Saith The Lord?

My latest article for the Orange County Record

"If It Ain't King James It Ain't Bible"
Source (C) All Rights Reserved

Before moving to Orange I worked at a church in Lexington, Kentucky.¬† One Sunday between our two services, a parent approached me.¬† She had a son who was going into High School in the fall and she wanted to get him a Bible to mark this transition in his life.¬† She had already been to a Christian bookstore and was overwhelmed and lost.¬† She was about to give up when she came to me.¬† She said, ‚ÄúI want to get a Bible for my son but I didn‚Äôt know what translation to get for him.¬† What do you suggest, the King James Version?‚Ä̬† I told her, ‚ÄúIt is my belief that if we want Bible literate churches, I would stay away from the King James Version.‚ÄĚ

The King James Version (KJV) of the Bible is one of the most used and purchased translations in the world.  It made its entrance in the year 1611, seven years after King James VI proposed a new English translation of the Christian Bible.  Ever since then, this particular translation has been used in thousands of churches worldwide.

For me, there are some issues with the King James Version.  First it is over 400 years old.  The world of Biblical scholarship has grown tremendously since the first printing of the KJV.  Scholars have learned more about the ancient Hebrew/Greek language and older copies of the Bible have helped translators to try to find the most original and therefore most accurate source to translate from.  One of the biggest discoveries in the modern era was the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Before these scrolls were discovered the oldest known copy of the Old Testament was from around the 10th Century CE.  In one single discovery, Biblical scholarship advanced from the 10th CE to the before the time of Jesus Christ.  More modern translations of the Bible use these works to more accurately translate the holy texts.

Another hiccup of the King James Version is its language and use of translation style.¬† The scriptures themselves are hard to read because of all the ‚Äúthees,‚ÄĚ ‚Äúbegats,‚ÄĚ ‚Äúspakes‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúthous‚ÄĚ found heavily throughout the text.¬† No one speaks Shakespearean English anymore (and neither did Jesus Christ); it is quite foreign for most Christians.¬† Why do we expect followers of Christ especially new followers of Christ to learn an outdated language?

Some have claimed that the KJV is the only perfect translation; sadly there is no such thing.¬† Never will the world ever have a perfect translation of the Bible.¬† Ancient Hebrew/Greek is difficult to translate and has some words that mean different things in different contexts. In some translations of the Bible which contain translation footnotes there are many places that have the footnote, ‚ÄúHebrew Uncertain.‚Ä̬† After centuries of Hebrew and Bible scholars pouring over these holy texts, no suitable answer for some words are ever found.¬† We are still working to try to sum up the story of God‚Äôs movement from the pages of scripture.

There are churches today that are exclusively King James Version only.  I believe this severely limits the story of God.  This tells me that God is not able to speak in any other way but through the words of a KJV Bible.  It would be like traveling down a dark road using only a candle to see the world around you.  But imagine the journey and what all you can see when we exchange our candle for a LED light bulb.  Because we updated how we looked at the world, we saw so much more.

There are wonderful translations today that try to encapsulate the movement of God and make it more palatable for the modern ear (i.e.- 2011 NIV, 2011 Common English, NRSV).  Not every person who hears a passage from the KJV will understand it or glean anything from it.  Am I saying that if you grew up reading (or currently read) the King James Version that you are a heretic?  Absolutely not.  The goal here is try to find more modern translations to widen our understanding and expression of who God is and how God acts.

Most people will continue to read the King James Version because that is what they grew up with or are familiar with.   However, if we want the church to seem relevant and current, then using a 400 year old translation is not going to help.  The story of God must be told in a way that connects to people on different levels and from different walks of life.  People want some connection between the printed page and the world around them.

If people don’t understand the Bible they are reading, then why read it in the first place?

Another New Project In The Works

Back in April I told you about a new project that was in the works.  As of today, we had not heard any concrete information about whether or not our propsal will be accepted.  You can re-read the post here.

Well, on June 21, my project load doubled. ¬† A friend of mine (Ray, check out his blog here) and I were at High School camp last year when we began to have a discussion about Christianity and society. ¬†Even though we are only removed from High School by only 10-11 years, the world is completely different- the understanding of what it means to be Christian has changed, worship styles have changed and the way we encounter the Divine has changed. ¬†Sadly, the perception¬†of Christianity has not changed. ¬†This made us ask, “why would anyone want to be a Christian when it seems so lame?” ¬†and thus the idea was born.

So we contacted Chalice Press (our denominational publishing house) with our idea and they asked us to write a proposal for a book on this topic.   We are both in transitions in our lives but I believe we will get this completed soon.

Stay tuned for more updated from both projects! ¬†Below is a very nice tweet from Ray’s wife about our project.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan

On The Road Again: Part II- Hot Springs, AR

Last week I was keynoting at a camp in Gonzles, TX (Read about it here). This week I will hitting the road once more heading to Hot Springs, Arkansas to keynote a Middle School (6-8 grade) camp.

A friend of mine from seminary is co-directing this event. (Read her blog here). The curriculum this particular region is doing is entitled “Secrets of the Kingdom” and focuses on the parables of Jesus. To ‘kick it up a notch‘, the directors decided to incorporate some fun with the theme. They came up with centering the theme around the early 1990s throwback to “Legends of the Hidden Temple” game show. When I heard that, I was sold.

The reasoning was simple; in the show the contestants were trying to find an artifact that was hidden somewhere in the Temple. Once found, all the doors of the Temple opened and they had to chose which way they wanted to escape. Jesus spoke a lot in parables and there are messages of truth hidden with in them. Once we find the messages we then have a choice on what to do next, sit on it or try to get it out to other people.

I remember watching that show and wanting to be a participate. I wanted to win a CD player or Casio Keyboard. I could win if given the chance.

The youths will be divided into the six Legend teams: Red Jaguars, Blue Barracudas, Green Monkeys, Orange Iguanas, Purple Parrots and the Silver Snakes.

I am looking forward to my second keynote of the year.

Be sure to stay tuned for updates and watch an episode of “Legends of the Hidden Temple” below. The winning team might get to go to space camp! (too bad we dont go to space any more :-/)

In Christ,

Rev. Evan

The Gospel According To Family Feud

The other day I was watching TV and the game show “Family Feud” came on. ¬†I have enjoyed the show in years past but it has been a while since I had ever actually sat down and watched it. ¬†The very first survey question caught my attention. ¬†It was:

Name a profession whose members will have a hard time getting into Heaven

Interesting survey question to say the least. What is “Family Feud”‘s goal here? By simply asking this question the creators/writers of the survey question were making a theological statement. To them salvation is found in how good of person you are AND there are people in this world who because of their choice of profession will not inherit the riches awaiting them in Heaven. While there are some who believe that Heaven is reserved for Christians only, there are some who believe that all of humanity will not be barred from the glories of God.

Not so says Family Feud…

Here is what the survey said:

  1. Lawyer
  2. Politician/Govt.
  3. Stripper
  4. Prostitute/Pimp
  5. Drug dealer
  6. Athlete

Other answers not making the survey:

  • Tax collector
  • Hit man
  • Con artist
  • Thief

One first glance the majority of the people listed by the survey are those that fit certain stereotypes. Polticans lie and cheat, lawyers lie to get their way, drug dealers are preying on the youth of America, etc. etc. The only one that didn’t make sense to me was ‘athlete.’ Sure in recent year in the age of steroids and mega contracts there are those who believe that professional athlete are nothing more than big, money hungry babies. Of course, this isnt always the case and I do point out that the survey did not specify between pro and amateur athletes, so looks like my league baseball days has punched my ticket to netherworld known as hell. ūüėÄ

The theology that Family Feud is promoting is one what widely labels certain professions as negative. ¬†Forget the fact that there are lawyers that take on cases for free, forget the politicians who actually do their due¬†diligence¬†and serve those they represent, forget the athlete that is using his/her God given talents to play a sport and use part of their salary to fund charity work. ¬†Just forget all of that… let’s make generalization… because that has worked in the past, right?

Am I making too much out of a game show? ¬†Maybe, but maybe not; the fact of the matter is that theology can be promoted outside of a stained glass building. ¬†Sure it is light hearted game show but is there an element of truth? ¬†Yes, but a gross over¬†simplification with an element of theology can be a scary thing; that’s just enough knowledge to be dangerous. ¬†Now I am not sure how many people draw their spiritual knowledge from a game show but is a conversation that is happening outside the church in the public arena.

I believe people are seeking this conversation about the Divine in the world today… Family Feud is just starting it off for us.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan

Smile, Get Punched In The Gut and Smile Again

Yesterday in the news it was a roller coaster of emotions. Generally due my schedule and the fact I have a 2 year old, generally I am watching Dora The Explorer not the nightly news. I try throughout my day to read varies news sites to garner what is going on in the world.

Yesterday a couple of friends on Facebook and Twitter (which sometimes is a good place for up to the minute news) posted an article about from the site Buzzfeed entitled “21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity.” These pictures ranged from a Subway that gives free sandwiches to those who are homeless, a dry cleaner who will clean clothes for those who are unemployed to Christians holding up signs of apology at a gay pride parade. All 21 pictures showed the power of humanity at its best. Take a look here.


Later on in the day I saw a video that was quite disturbing and to be honest I didnt even finish it; my heart broke about 45 seconds into it. It is posted below and give the nature of the internet it was spread rather quickly. If you havent seen the video, you can watch if you want…again is hard to watch and there is some language involved.

In a nutshell a grossly underpaid bus monitor was verbally abused by a bunch of Middle Schoolers. The insults ranged from calling her fat, to wishing she was dead to claiming that her family wanted to kill themselves not to be around her.

Hateful… hateful… hateful speech. No human being should EVER be subjected to kind of abuse that she was put through.

I’m not sure (as of this writing) what the school will do if anything to the children that were involved. If I ran the show (and if my opinion mattered) I would expel the children from the district for abuse and assault of a school employee, give the bus monitor the entire summer off with pay and reassign her for the upcoming year. Maybe that punishment is too harsh and maybe I am allow my emotions get in the way, but I believe I am not alone in this. The Greece New York School District has posted a statement regarding the video, stating that they are looking into the situation. (Read it here)

You can blame the system, their parents, violet video games or language in PG-13 films; whomever you blame this is a problem of humanity in general. How can in one day we see the goodness and beauty of humanity and then be punched in the gut with the realization that we are flawed at our core?

Is there still hope for humanity?

Harnessing the same internet that brought this painful event to light, people from across the country and maybe the world, has poured out their thoughts and feelings as well as their pocket books all to send the bus monitor on a vacation of a life time.

At the publishing of this post, over 14000 people had contributed money to the total of $300,000 with 29 days left to go in the campaign; that is an average of $21 per person. At this rate, it will be well over a million dollars sometime next week. (You can track and contribute to the cause by clicking here.)

Smile again.

Once again, humanity triumphed over hatred. Maybe we have learned from our previous mistakes and try to instill them into the next generation as best as we can.

For me as a follower of Christ, I am overwhelmed by the number of times that Jesus called for love of the neighbor and love of the other. A friend of mine is working to start a new church plant and his new church’s vision statement is one that I believe has the possibility to change the world and even the Church as we know it.

Dare the world to radical selflessness

Imagine a world of selfless people, imagine a church with selfless people (I’m not saying that they are not there but we could use a few more). The possibilities of what could be done for the Kingdom of God are endless.

How many of these children on the bus claimed to be follower of Christ yet participated in this grave act? I’m not saying you have to be perfect to be a Christian but Christ calls us to a higher and better standard.

The world will always have selfish people in it. It is how we as followers of Christ are able to show that the world needs less selfish and more selfless what the message of Christ can be shared.

The gospel is more than just nice stories of written in a book. It is a testament of how the God of all creation is in the business of restoration and love than hatred and scorn. The gospel thus is only fully actualized when we do as Christ says and “deny ourselves.”

In Christ,

Rev. Ev

When Faith Is Not Enough

My latest article for the Orange County Record

One of my professors in seminary once said that he did not believe in atheists.¬† He didn‚Äôt mean that he did not believe that there were people in the world who did not believe in God or a higher power.¬† During his lecture he said, ‚ÄúThere is no such thing as an ‚Äėatheist‚Äô every person is ‚Äėa theist.‚Äô¬† Every person has faith in something.‚ÄĚ

If you think about it, it is a true statement.  We have faith that our doctor will know proper procedures and treatment options.  We have faith that people driving vehicles will follow the rules of the road ensuring our safety.  We have faith that when go to a restaurant that our food will be prepared well and that we will not get sick a food borne illness.

Every person whether they are a practicing Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, agnostic or atheist has had to wrestle with the notion of faith and to what extent their faith will impact their life.  Faith for some practitioners is deeply integrated it into their lives (eating Kosher, strict dress code, daily prayer).  Some have chosen to place that faith in a theology, a teaching, a book or themselves.  Faith is something that permeates all of humanity, in every place, in every culture and in every time period.

Being a Christian minister I am particular interested the ways that Christians from all walks of life are sharing and understanding their faith.  There was story in the Washington Post that peeked my interest.  (You can read it by going to http://wapo.st/LA4Vyl)

In West Virginia, a minister was killed due to a rattlesnake bite.¬† Pastor Mark Wolford died after handling a snake in a small church service.¬† In some states this particular worship expression is illegal but not in West Virginia.¬† For members of Wolford‚Äôs church, they believe they are being deeply committed to the Bible.¬† They take Mark 16:17-18 quite literally.¬† It reads:¬† ‚ÄúThese signs will be associated with those who believe: they will throw out demons in my name. They will speak in new languages. They will pick up snakes with their hands. If they drink anything poisonous, it will not hurt them. They will place their hands on the sick, and they will get well.‚ÄĚ

Snake handling is nothing new to modern Christian faith expression.¬† In 1995, Dennis Convington wrote a book about his experience of snake handling in churches in Alabama.¬† In his text, ‚ÄúSalvation on Sand Mountain‚ÄĚ he dives into the world of snake handling.¬† In one particular church the congregants would drink arsenic to show their faith in God.¬† Is this what God asks from God‚Äôs followers?¬† If we do not believe that having faith of a mustard seed can actually move Mount Fuji, then why apply this text so literally?¬† Do I not have as much faith has those followers of Christ in West Virginia because I do not worship with animals?

Did Pastor Wolford lack faith?¬† Was his faith not enough? Some would say ‚Äėyes‚Äô because he tried to follow the teachings of the Bible and still ended up dying.¬† Others would say ‚Äėno‚Äô because he was bit by a venomous snake and the appropriate medicines were not administered in time.¬† For me, I believe that Pastor Wolford truly believed that the God of all creation would protect him and that his faith was the cure all to poisons that he might encounter.¬† This makes Christianity the ‚Äúmagic bullet‚ÄĚ for everything bad in one‚Äôs life.¬†¬† When does faith turn into wishful thinking?¬† I have faith that God is a God that cares for me and my family.¬† But I am not expecting God to send angels to save me if I try to jump the roof of my house.¬† No amount of faith would be adequate in trying to save my life.¬† Becoming a Christian does not mean that everything thing bad in one‚Äôs life is magically going to go away.¬† This makes Christianity a religion of give and take; I give to God and take what God gives to me.¬† I give God my faith, God will give me a clean bill of health.¬† This makes Christianity superficial and self-centered.

Pastor Wolford and his followers have taken into their hands (literally) their faith.  For them their faith is a tool of salvific proportions.  Yes I believe in miracles and the power of the Holy Spirit, but I am not totally convinced that waving a snake around the sanctuary and hoping that God would intervene if the snake got mad is what God is advocating.  In our lives we will have varying expressions of faith: words of songs will mean more, scriptures will reveal to us the understanding of how God has acted in the past and how humanity has reacted, worship will revive our soul and on and on.

Faith is not static and at its core it is quite difficult.  This is why many people do not begin the journey.

Sermon- “Rooted”


This past Sunday I preached a sermon entitled “Rooted” based on Ephesians 3:16-19; this was the theme of the Coastal Plains Area High School Summer Conference that I keynoted. ¬†Enjoy!

Sermon Link

In Christ,

Rev. Evan

When Humanity Rears Its Ugly Head

This is my latest article for the Orange Country Record.

This week marked the fourteenth year anniversary of one of the worst acts ever inflicted on another human being.  On June 7, 1998, James Byrd, Jr., a Beaumont native, was savagely murdered.  He was murdered not by accident rather for the simple fact that he was an African-American man.  In one gruesome act, three white supremacist let intolerance of another human begin blind them to drag a man behind a truck until his death in the small Southeast Texas town of Jasper.

One of the three who took part in Byrd‚Äôs murder, Lawrence Russell Brewer, never apologized or sought forgiveness in the public eye. In fact, before his execution in 2011 he said, ‚ÄúAs far as any regrets, no, I have no regrets. No, I’d do it all over again, to tell you the truth.‚Ä̬† A chilling answer.

Humanity on the whole has never been perfect.  Wars have been fought over small amounts of land; people in roles of authority overstep their boundaries in search for more and more power.  There are even laws are in place to protect individuals against bad business practices and to ensure our food is handled safely.

In the book of Genesis, the author writes that at the end of the creation story, God declared that the world was ‚Äúvery good.‚Ä̬† It must have been a really nice place, but not so much now.

In the midst of all of this, the Church is called on to make sense of it all.   The church is called to try to bridge the gap that seems to exist between what should be and what really is, to try to answer the question of why there is such a disparity.  Surely not all of this is consequence of sin way back in the Garden of Eden.

Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk, once wrote in his text ‚ÄúThe Seven Storey Mountain‚ÄĚ: “It is only the infinite mercy and love of God that has preserved us from tearing ourselves to pieces and destroying [God’s] entire creation long ago. People seem to think that it is in some way a proof that no merciful God exists, if we have so many wars. On the contrary, consider how in spite of centuries of sin and greed and lust and cruelty and hatred and avarice and oppression and injustice, spawned and bred by the free wills of men [and women], the human race can still recover, each time, and can still produce men and women who over come evil with good, hatred with love, greed with charity, lust and cruelty with sanity. How could all this be possible without the merciful love of God, pouring out [God’s] grace upon us?‚ÄĚ

At our best humanity can be full of compassion and love and care, but at our worst humanity can be greedy, hateful and repugnant.  Contrary to popular belief followers of Christ are not immune to this.  Some of the worst atrocities ever committed have sadly been in the name of God.  For some, this is an indication that Christianity does (or did) not care of people’s relationship with God rather their focus is on being correct.

Christ’s ministry on earth was grounded in the notion of love, care and acceptance.  Christ came to establish a way of understanding and relating to others as well as to God.  But more than that Christ was the embodiment of the Divine on earth.  As Christians we strive to emulate Christ in all that we do but sometime we fall short.

I have no answer to what drove three men to brutally kill another human being.  We can blame their upbringing, we can blame drugs, we can blame violent video games, we can blame a health care system that doesn’t adequately treat those with mental illnesses.  But that is too easy.  In the end we have to look inside ourselves.  Stories like this one make our stomachs turn into knots over the loss of innocence.  At some levels we empathize with Byrd family but know that it is the human condition, a condition that is in every person on earth, which drove these men to kill.  Does that mean we will do the same? No, but it does mean that it is not some external influence that is causing crimes around the world; it’s the simple fact that we are human beings, driven to do what we want, when we want it with no regard for others.

This is what Christ came to stop.  The answer to the human condition must be found in the gospel.  Christ’s message of love was revolutionary and it can do the same for us today.  The gospel can restore people to completeness and wholeness.

At the end of the day, people like Lawrence Russell Brewer are children of God, created in the same divine image as the most religious, well-intentioned Christian.  It might be hard to believe, but it is true.

And You Wonder Why People Aren’t Christians: Part IV

Here we are again… much too soon I am afraid.

Dennis Marcellino, author and¬†political¬†advocate as well as Christian has taken to the web to give the impression that there is only one way to understand the Bible. ¬†On the website “Conservative Byte” Marcellino postulates that if a Christian votes for a Democrat and then ¬†dies that person is destined for the fiery pits of hell.

Don’t believe me? ¬†Read the article here¬†(don’t worry its short… just like his¬†argument.)

Obviously Marcellino did not read my article concerning religion and politics, Mr. Marcellino if you are reading this welcome to my blog and secondly click here and be sure to leave a comment.

But that is besides the point.

Even the newest of Christian converts would tell you that the words “Republican” and “Democrat” are not in the Bible anywhere so I do not know where Marcellino gets off telling the Christian faithful that voting for a Democrat would result in a one way pass to Hell.


To figure it out… let’s breakdown this 282 word article…

First, Marcellino is polite enough to tell us that “This is not meant to be emotional or inflammatory…” ¬†Thanks! ¬†But then he continues and says “it is simply stating a fact and to warn.” ¬†D’Oh! ¬†So this is his job… telling people via the internet that they are on a one way course to hell for your political beliefs.

Next he comes roaring out of the gate tells his readership that the Bible does in fact support his ideas (surprise, surprise)… if you know where to look. ¬†He then offers this as warning to “blacks” (not African-Americans… blacks) and Hispanics (which he doesn’t capitalize in his article) but as he claims these two groups¬†primarily¬†vote for the Democratic party. ¬†So by say this is he affirming that most people who are¬†Caucasian, Asian American, Native American and any other race are most definitely Republican voting. ¬†But these two groups of people are not just voting for Democrats for the sake of agreeing with their platform, Marcellino makes the claim that they are voting “lock step” with the Democratic Party… meaning they just vote that way because they have always voted that way. Hmmm…

Next, Marcellino gets into the Bible meat of his claim. ¬†He quotes 2 Thes. which reads, “‚ÄúThen everyone who did not believe the truth, but was delighted with what God disapproves of, will be condemned.” ¬†He claims that people express their own delight is who they punch their ballot for. ¬†Then he quotes Romans 1:32 which basically states that the righteous of God (I guess he means Republicans?) should not stand for “such things” nor should they approve of them.

Now in a fine bit of exegesis, Marcellino claims that the rest of Romans 1 claims that when Paul was referring to “such things” he was referring to “homosexuality, lesbianism, strife, deceit, slander [political sound bites], gossips, idol worshippers, God-haters, atheists” which he claims are “all primarily attributes of liberals.”

Mr. Marcellino, proof text much?  I mean you are condemning nearly half of the US population to hell because of their political beliefs and you base it on 50 words or less than 1% of the entire Bible or only 18% of your entire article?

Are people who are not Christians flocking to churches around the country to repent especially if they voted for the President in 2008 and weren’t sorry for it? ¬†Are the number of Christians who are also Democrats declining across the nation less then five months from the Presidental election? ¬†Umm… no.

Marcellino is completely off the mark on this one.

Not only does he distort the Bible for his own political agenda, he himself does not have clean hands in this matter. ¬†During his¬†examination¬†of Romans 1 he gave a quite¬†lengthy¬†list of “attrobutes” of liberals… dare I say that he was judging them? ¬†Something that¬†Christ¬†warned against…right?

This is not an effective evangelism tool and as a Christian minister it makes me shake my head and reminds me to be careful what you read on the internet, not everything is true.

Christians will continue to have the perception that they are closed minded, literalist ‘hell bent’ on sending people to hell for their minor transgressions. ¬†Let’s leave out the grace, let’s leave out the love, let’s leave out the acceptance. ¬†But let’s do add a list of things you are doing wrong and a list of people to vote for. ¬†In Marcellino’s mind, its the ones with the “R” by their name.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan