New Project In The Works

A few months ago I started working on a project with friend, fellow minister and seminary alum, Laura.

Back in December Laura and I were talking and told her about a book idea that I had.  I wanted to look at church marquee signs and break down the messages that they were conveying.  What could someone learn from these signs about the gospel message or the church?  We see these signs all over the place and some of the signs have the most cliche Christian sayings and quite frankly I can’t stand some of them. (Fellow Disciple Christian Piatt has blogged several times on what he calls “Church Sign Fails” click here)

Basically I wanted to look into how churches were summing up their theology through the marquee sign, in as few words as possible and the messages that they were promoting.

Laura liked the idea and through our conversations we began to talk about how the church was reflecting the culture.  The culture today is fasted paced and we like people to get to the point and get to it now.  We don’t like long emails, phone calls or blog posts (hopefully this one wont be too long 🙂 ).  So Laura suggested that we look at how the rise of social media like Facebook and Twitter is contributing to the discussion of faith.  If we don’t like long emails and we like people to “get to the point faster”, how can we ever have a serious discussion about God, faith and the afterlife (just to name a few)?  I doubt anyone can sum up their theology in 140 characters or less.

We decided this book needed to be written.

So we contacted Chalice Press (our denominational publishing house) with our idea and they asked us to write a proposal for a book on this topic.  Thankfully we were able to meet a couple of time face to face and work on the lengthy proposal and even worked via Google Docs on it.

On April 10, 2012, we officially submitted our proposal to the powers that be at Chalice Press.

All we can do now is wait…

Stay tuned for more updates.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan 🙂

(“Red Hardcover Book With Flipping Pages” available under the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0 at

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