Prayer Napkin?

This is a scan of the actual note that was left on my car a couple of months ago.  Whomever penned this obviously wanted a lot more room to get or out of their vehicle.  Here’s the thing though, the parking structure where I was parked must have been built in the 1970s or 80s or in a time when bigger vehicles were not around.  I wedged my car in the parking spot WITHIN THE PAINTED LINES! Not with my back tire on the line or cutting into another spot, but within the lines.  If I had been in the wrong I would have taken my napkin and gone home and probably remembered the next time I parked somewhere.

This was not good enough for the prayer napkin writer.

I am glad that someone out there is praying for me even though it is for me to learn a skill I have already mastered, but nonetheless I am thankful.

Is this what Christianity for some has become?  Passive aggressive prayer warrior-ship?  Is this what the followers of Christ are supposed to do, leave napkins on unsuspecting cars starting off all nicey nicey and then hitting you over the head with your faults?  I have trouble believing that is something called for by God.

And then I began to wonder if it was because of the “clergy” sticker on the back of my car… sure it is helpful on pastoral visits at the hospital but did it make me a target?

Whatever the answer may be I got a good laugh out of it and a nice piece for my office.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


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