2012 March Madness Picks

I am by no means an expert when it comes to college basketball, I enjoy the game but I do not have enough time to devote to know who the back up Point Guard is for Belmont University and even know their jersey number and favorite candy.  But I am sports fan and in lieu of regular season baseball starting I watch the madness that takes place during the month of March.

While in seminary I was afforded the opportunity to see the beast that is the University of Kentucky basketball.  The city of Lexington and quite frankly the entire state of Kentucky every fall and spring makes their pilgrimage to the hall that Rupp built to see the Cats in action… to some people it is their religion… They take it quite seriously and rightfully so… there is not a close professional basketball team to Lexington so UK is it.  UK has a storied history of 7 championships, 2000+ wins and numerous players to go and enter the NBA draft.

Below is bracket and I will be happy with 50% correct picks… ok maybe 40….

In Christ,

Rev. Evan



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