When a VHS is not what it used to be…

I have recently made another step into the 21 st century. I’m not bragging by any stretch of the imagination but I saved up some gift cards from
Christmas and bought a Blu-Ray player. A bluray player (and subsequent blu-ray discs) plays movies and TV shows at the highest rate of definition and clarity. I was surprised by how clear my movies were being played.

A short time ago I found an old VHS and I watched. It was interesting to see the difference of the picture quality. What was even more amazing was the fact that when I watched this film for the first time several years ago I thought the picture was stunning, now it just looks outdated.

People try to get a similar experience at home as they do in the movie theatre. In fact, many movie theatres now are shown in digital formats not the traditional film reel. In recent years the technology of televisions and disc players has dramatically increased that some sport fans believe that their own home theater has a better picture and experience than actually being at the game.

We are all looking for clarity, not just in our favorite programming or even the Super Bowl, but in life in general. We look for the clearest answer in a difficult situation, but the answer is not as clear as we would like. We rack our brains and even seek out advice to no avail.

Where are the unclear areas of our lives?  I am certain that we all have them, that place where its just a little hazy, a little unclear for our liking.  If our God is a God that can make all things new then God can provide clarity for us. It takes patience, time and understanding. Sure the Bible
sometimes can be unclear but the communion of others and fellowship of friends can sometimes allow the fog to be lifted. Not in the sense that all of our questions will be answered, but that God’s power, mystique and presence in our lives will be just that much clearer.

There are times throughout our relationship with God and Christ that we are overwhelmed by the presence of God, the power of God, the warmth of God.  God’s love for us is clear, God’s accessablity is clear, God’s touch is clear.  Its like looking at Blu-Ray verses a VHS….

As we journey through life we are searching for those clear moments and struggle when we do not find them.  But it has been my experience (and maybe yours too) that in a unexpected moment, God reveals Godself in a way that transforms our understanding of God.  Now dont feel like a ‘less than Christian’ if can not pin-point the exact moment when this happened.  For some the build up is gradual and over time, but the fact still remains we are seeking clarity in our lives and our relationship with God.

I pray that throughout this week God is made a little bit clearer for you.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


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