Lent 2012

As I am composing this article the phone and internet lines of the church are down. I never realized how much of the ministry of the church hinges on phone lines and internet connections. Emails, sending documents, collaborating with others, reading the local news, sharing thoughts, connecting with people—all of it has come to halt, at least for now. I know that the church has been able to propagate its message of love and the gospel without facebook or twitter for millennia, but now the world that we live in is one that is different than many of us could have ever imagined.

As a team builder or “get to know you” game the question of  “what is the one thing you take with you if you were stranded on a deserted island” or “what is one thing you could not live without?” I have asked and answered this question many times in my ministry. Students often times give the best answers—air, water, food… they take the question a bit too literally. Young adults and older adults get more sentimental: pictures of family, friends, books, the Bible, etc.

Take a moment and think of the things you would take or would want to have with you.  It’s not as easy as you would think…

Lent, the season in the Church, is upon us; it is a time of reflection, prayer, supplication and reflection on the journey that Christ took, the journey toward Jerusalem, the journey toward the cross. Lent calls us to walk with Christ, step by step, along the way, stay awake with him in the garden and hear the agony in his voice as he cries out to God. As a sign of our reflection, Christians throughout the years have given up something that has been important to them during the season of Lent. During the days and weeks leading up to Easter every time one wants or desires the thing that they gave up, they are called to reflect on what Christ gave up.

In years past I have given up soft drinks, caffeine in general and one year I even gave up desserts. I didn’t do it receive a medal or be a “super-Christian” but rather it was a test of my will and through the process I took on the challenge to strengthen my relationship with God.

I am not saying that you have to give up something to have a fuller relationship with God or Christ.  The goal here is to be more intentional and focused on God in during this holy time.

However you choose to do that is between you and God.

In Christ

Rev. Evan


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