A Prayer Moving Forward

So much is going on in our country and world right now. Tensions are high, names are being called and innocent people are caught in the middle. People are turning off the news for it is too grim, too painful, too sad. Social media has once again become a place of vigorous support and strong opposition.

We as a nation need to find some commonality, some common ground to unite around.

The Church needs to be a voice of reason and truth, a place of refuge and sanctuary.

Followers of Christ must return to the holy scriptures to draw out it’s ancient wisdom about loving neighbors and welcoming the stranger.

Politics and rhetoric will only get us so far and it is no where near where we need to be or even should be.

Below is a prayer that I wrote recently and I hope that it encapsulates the feelings I am experiencing.

Feel free to share it.

May we find God’s peace and comfort anew.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


A Prayer Moving Forward
By: Rev. Evan M. Dolive, M.Div.

Holy are you O Lord, among all the nations! Holy is your name among the earth! You are wondrous and mighty, powerful and strong; you are humble and meek, you are gracious and loving.

Your majesty is found all of around us.

Your grace is found in laughter of children and friends, your welcome is found at tables where bread is broken, your grace is found when forgiveness is extended even when it is hard to do.

Help us to examine ourselves to find those places where your grace is calling us to let go of grudges, calling to seek others through your eyes, calling us to forgive others and even ourselves.

Our hearts break thinking of those in our world who suffer needlessly because of violence, war, oppression and racism.  May we be a tune to your spirit which calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves, to welcome the stranger, to feed the hungry and clothe the naked; for we know O God that if we do these things to the those who are considered the least of these, then we are doing it to you.  Help us to see past labels that we have artificially placed on people.  May we see past our preconceived notions and caricatures to see all of humanity as living, breathing, bearers of your divine image.  No place of origin, nationality, belief system or status can ever change that fact.

Guide our church that it might make bold choices for the sake of humanity remembering the call of justice placed on our lives as followers of Jesus the Christ.
Guide our state that it might see people as more than labels and numbers
Guide our country to find ways to be a place of welcome and rest
Guide our leaders to seek you first and your ways.
Guide all of our hearts that we might not get caught up in political rhetoric but base our decision on our gospel of peace and love even it might mean going against the status quo.

You have called your people to find area where people are broken and hurting and out of your compassion help to mend those broken places and bandage old wounds.

Help us see where you are calling us to and away from this day, now and forevermore.

Give success to the work of our hands!

In the name of Jesus the Christ, the Holy One of God we pray. Amen.

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Matthew Live Session 3 (Jan 25, 2017)

Here is the third installment of my Facebook Live Bible study, “Matthew Live.”

A Reflection on the Inauguration


Today in the United States a new president will be sworn in. After a long and divisive campaign where dozens of people threw their name into the hat to be on their party’s ticket, one person was elected to the highest office in the land: Donald J. Trump.

His election has been met with everything from tears of joy and tears of sadness, with marches in support and in protest. Some people are scared for their future or their family’s future. Some people believe this is the best course of action for the US. Some people are stuck somewhere in the middle.

This day is one that reminds that we are a nation divided and it will take all of us together to find ways to put aside political loyalties for the sake of the common good.

I believe that we as people of faith regardless of church membership or doctrinal beliefs must continue to find ways to bring forth the kingdom of God in the world today.

May we live into our calling as followers of Christ and seek out ways to bring light to those in darkness, feed those who are hungry, shelter those seeking refuge. May we be reminded that we are called to a higher standard of interacting with humanity one grounded and rooted in love, mercy, equality and justice. Anything that is outside or contradictory of these calls is simply insufficient.

I do not know what the next four years hold. I do know, however, that if the Church comes together around the cause of Christ then we will see a transformation of cities, churches, families and lives that we have never seen before. It will take strength, it will take courage, it will take listening to others, it will take unity not discord, it will take growing in our faith and stepping outside of what we are used to. The church must abandon a model that insists on doing things alone; we are all children of God, we are all followers of Christ and we must unite together today to show the nation that though we are different in Bible translation preferences or stances on doctrine we hear the call of Christ to take up our cross and follow him.

Will you join me?

In Christ,

Rev. Evan

A Prayer for the Inauguration 2017

Our nation is divided O God on this day of transition. Remind us that no matter who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that you are the creator of life, the giver of love and the source of mercy. You revealed this to humanity through the coming of your Son, Jesus the Christ. Remind us of his call to love all of humanity, to restore those who feel broken and to bring forth a world that embodies your essence.

Help those who face an uncertain future. Direct those in elected positions that you are their guide, their source of being and the one to turn to in times of trouble and confusion. May our elected officials discard labels and set aside deep seeded political grudges and actually come together for the better of all people residing in the United States of America.

We pray this in the name of one who came that we might have life and have it abundantly, Jesus the Christ, the Holy One of God. Amen.

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“Matthew Live” Bible Study: Session 2

Below is my second session of my online Bible study which I am referring to as “Matthew Live.”  The name was suggested to me and I can change it when we go to another Book of the Bible.

Thanks for watching and I would love to hear your feed back.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


Online Bible Study Session 1

Today I held my first online Bible study via Facebook Live. This is a new venture for me and I thought that it went well. I did not think that rambled on too long.  I had to broadcast it earlier than I would normally do it given a scheduling conflict.  I hope that people are interested in it and continue to watch.

I started a new page on the site where all the videos will be embedded. So if you miss a week you will have a one stop shop to go back and view them.  You can find them here

I hope that you enjoy the videos!

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


The Greatest Command

Something New

For a while I have been thinking about becoming more active in writing and posting on my various social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter).   I enjoy writing and talking about God, the Bible, Jesus, Christianity and the intersection of them all in the 21st Century. (And I hope you enjoy it too 🙂 ).

I was trying to get a Bible study back up and running at my church and we weren’t having any luck with dates and times given schedules. Someone throughout the idea of doing it online; it had never crossed my mind.  I did my first Facebook Live video talking a little about it (below) and I would like to know your thoughts.

If this takes off I will post links on my social media accounts as well here at evandolive.com


Thanks for everything!

In Christ,

Rev. Evan


Sermon: New Year, New Journey


I preached a sermon entitled “New Year, New Journey” at First Christian Church (DOC), Longview, Texas based on Matthew 2:13-23.

In Christ,

Rev. Evan

Happy New Year!


May 2017 be filled with laughter, hope and life.


In Christ,

Rev. Evan