City of Longview, Texas Council Meeting

I was asked to give the invocation at the City of Longview Council Meeting on April 28, 2016. You can watch it here.

Below is my prayer.

Why The Church Needs Youth Sunday (Dmergent)

Below is an excerpt from my piece for Dmergent.  Click the link to read the entire article.


The church I currently serve just had their Youth Sunday. Youth Sunday is a time when the youth of the church (usually the middle school and high schoolers) “take over” the church service and lead the community in worship. Growing up this was always a great experience. Whether it was reading the scripture, serving communion or reading a homily, it was a change of pace from the ordinary worship experience week in and week out. As a youth group we would pick the scripture, the theme and made decision on how the message would be structured. We had a say in how the worship would look, we chose the songs and liturgy that spoke to us; for one Sunday, our understanding of who God was, how God had touched our lives and what it meant to be a follower of Christ was made evident in the community around us.

After some discussion the youth settled on the theme of “Molded,” (based on Isaiah 64) specifically speaking to how the church and God has shaped and molded them into the person they are today. This was just what the community needed to hear. In church as well as in life we can fall into routines and ruts which cause us to miss the movement of God around us. We can be so focused on the next thing that we fail to see what the Divine is doing right under our noses. It takes an outside perspective, a new hearing, a reorientation of our mind and spirits to realign ourselves to God. This particular Youth Sunday did just that for the church.

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In Christ,

Rev. Evan

Coming Soon to the Longview Public Library!


Missed It By That Much….



Found at the Longview Public Library, Longview, TX

Found at the Longview Public Library, Longview, TXwp-1460065147910.jpg

Found at the Longview Public Library, Longview, TX

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