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Recently I created a Facebook Author page; be sure to click “like” to follow all the updates about the book and discuss it after it comes out.   I have also added a Facebook Like box in the sidebar to the right.




I am also on Twitter!


Thanks for your support!!


In Christ,

Rev. Evan

The Next Step


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Redemption In Christ

Redemption in Christ (Taken at FUMC- Orange, Tx)

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Time For An Update

Change is something that some people have a hard time dealing with.  After over two years of the same theme on this site, I have decided to enlist the graphic design expertise of my youngest sister and change my blog theme.

The content is the same but the menus have shifted to the left side instead of the top of the page.

Thanks for your continued support and stay tuned for more updates!!!


In Christ,


Rev. Evan


Writing Milestone!

As  many of you know I have been working on a book for the Pilgrim Press and today I eclipsed a writing milestone: 80% of my draft is complete!

I know for some this is not a big deal but when this is your first publishing endeavor I’ll take what I can get.  🙂


Here’s to the next 20%!!!!!

Screenshot 2014-07-07 21.38.04


In Christ,


Rev. Evan

Happy 4th of July!

Have a happy and safe Independence Day!

American Flag

Photo Credit: “American Flag” by Mike Mozart via Flickr, Used Under Creative Common License 2.0